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What Really Is Marketing?

Your business is unique in your identity, the markets you serve, and value you and your business provide to your clients.  We tailor packages that grow your brand in your marketplace, from discovering your brand identity, establishing a consistent "image," to creating a company video. We make sure people get to know the real "you" and your business.

We use all of our services to accomplish your marketing goals, that could be with, Graphic Design, Videography, Website Building, Social Media, etc. All of these combined help you market your business to potential or existing clients.

So What Really Is Marketing? It’s the stuff you do to get more customers and get more sales. It’s what you to do to get your name out there, to get your brand out there, and done in a way that matches your voice, your brand, your message, and is delivered to your target audience.

When to use “marketing solutions”

Tell the truth. If you know that your website needs work, your social media hasn’t been updated in months, the stuff you print and hand to people looks like your nephew Timmy designed it from 1998, or your shaky videos look like they were taken with someone standing outside during a Michigan Polar Vortex, you probably want “Marketing Solutions” :)

If your business has hit a plateau or your sales has peaked, then a revamp and boost via a marketing solution package could be the catalyst that your company’s future needs.

It’s starts with a friendly and easy video call with us and we get to know your business first and propose solutions second. And then you pay us money.


Let’s get started.

Okay, so what’s the first steps you ask? You can either click the big ol’ button below and fill out the form to request a quote or you can do it the old fashioned way and contact us directly via phone or email. 313.818.1681 |


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