Jerry Perez

Our resident engineer, business developer, strategist and man behind the camera .


15 years experience from engineering, selling and marketing robotic manufacturing systems to working on marketing teams outside of Paris, to training sales teams in Brazil, Mexico and India

Uses: Canon cameras, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, Lightroom, Pipedrive, and MS Products

Tony Trocino

Our man behind the camera, behind the lights, behind the mics, and behind all the media design software.  Behind everything, but way ahead of his time


5 years experience in media production + graphic design

Uses: Canon cameras, GoPros,  and Adobe Creative Cloud  Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects


Chris Lemon

Our solutions man doing everything from sales, business development, video production, story boarding, to business strategy execution.  He's a jack of all trades, but we still call him Chris


7 years experience in video production, lighting design, live video production, and set design

Uses: Canon cameras, Titan Mobile, His brain (Sometimes), HP products and Google Products


Johanna Lidgren

Our very own "Tradeshow-Siri," brand developer, and lady who makes sure everything is evenly spaced and looks super super good


12 years experience in business operations, marketing, tradeshow design & management, and communications design

Uses: Canon cameras, Adobe InDesign, her tradeshow Bible, and MS Products



Our 135lb four legged office manager & security


5 years experience in being super cute and a big softie

Uses: Tables and laps to rest his giant head