photography with ardenci.

Everyone has a DSLR today. Even your nephew has a DSLR. But we KNOW FOR A FACT that just having a fancy camera doesn’t make fancy photos. We shoot with Canon T2i, 80D, 40D, T5i, G7X Mark ii, and have a crap ton of lenses that we spent money on … AND … all that equipment doesn’t “make no fancy photos” on their own. It took years of shooting 1000s of awful photos to learn to shoot good photos … or at least, good enough photos that are better than your nephew Timmy and his new fancy camera.

Wedding / event Photos

Yes, we will do the “staged” photos. BUT, we will for sure make you look sexy as h-e-double-hockey-sticks in front of that abandoned buildings for your hobo-chic rustic wedding theme.

Team Photos

You have a team? Let us take your photo!

PRoduct Photography

You have products? We’ll put those bad boys on a glass table and use our professional lights to create the most beautiful photo of your pot that you hand crafted with your blood, sweat and tears. We’ll even include blood, sweat, and tears, but that might cost extra.

Social Media Photos

We actually want your selfies and your cell phone photos because that truly is what social media is all about. BUT IN ADDITION TO THAT - let us come out and take professional photos of your buildings, your work spaces, your products, and your peeps in action. We come out for a day we are your own personal photographer for a few hours. In the end, you’ll have a TON of photos to use for your social media campaigns to help your audience get to know the real you. (If you’re launching a product, having a grand opening, or teasing out a new campaign, great quality photos should match your great quality offering).

Concert Photos

We have a big lens. Let us bring it out and jam out with the band, orchestra, or DJ to get both the artists and the crowds to recreate the experience and those moments you wish you got captured.


Let’s get started.

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