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got an idea brewing?


Everyone has an idea …

It’s true. I’m sure you’ve said to someone in the last month “there should be a… “ or “we should make a …” and talked about your idea for 20 minutes. And then what happened? … Exactly.

You’ve got an idea? We’ve got the cojones to turn that idea into a reality.

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start-Ups being brewed

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An athletic clothing and gear brand with a cool name and design that inspires yogis, athletes, or anyone else who wants to assassinate obstacles in life. Assassinating fear, racism, sexism, hate, haters, excusers, complacency, douchebags, censorship, conformity, calories, gossip, toxic relationships, codependency, laziness, self doubt and negativity

… one hoodie at a time.

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Liberating your spirit + socks = Libersocksy

It started with a fight between a guy and a girl that really loved each other, but the guy couldn’t stand the fact that the girl wore mismatched socks. But here’s the thing - when the guy considered that if he got his way and she started wearing the same socks on each foot, she wouldn’t be the gal that he fell in love with - a free spirited gal with no qualms about her mismatching socks.

Fun, well fitting socks with environmentally friendly materials collaborating with garment recyclers.

Walk on the wild side, free you spirit and get a bag of socks that you can mismatch to your hearts desires.

Muggy AF - Amatic - Mug (blue) 500ppi.png

Muggy AF

Oh you thought it meant Muggy A.F. We might be crass but we’re not that crass. It’s Muggy and Affiliates. We swear. We started to come up with a ton of mug designs. And we love drinking coffee and hot beverages out of mugs. We walk the dog with a mug in our hands. We believe in having a great #muggame.

And thus, Muggy AF was born.

noprobllama -black.png

No probllama Goods

It’s T-Shirts, Hoodies, (and soon hats) with llamas and sayings that keep it real fo shizzle. Maybe you’re a hip grandma, or you’re a grandma with a new hip, either way, no probllama, you’re included.

And if you’re Alexei Lalas, you get a free shirt if you message us. Because we thought your name was Alexei Llamas.

Because You’re A No Probllama Kind of Folk


robotics agent

An unbiased advocate for both manufacturers and robotic systems integrator for the industrial and commercial markets. Today, the market is saturated with thousands of robotic system suppliers to manufacturers and end-users. How do you select which one to use? How do you know if you missed finding the integrator that is actually the best fit for your needs simply because you did not know about them. Robotics Agent does the researching and investigation into systems integrators, finding out who is truly really good at what and who is priced to provide you just what you need today and into the future. With a tremendous amount of application experience, we can translate the large RFQs into simple bullet point requirements for vendors to quote and when there is no RFQ, we work with the end users to generate one.



Let’s Get Coffee.

We like to call our first meeting a Discovery Meeting. Think of it like our first date, just a way for us to get to know each other, find out what you are passionate about, what’s your mission for your business, your new business idea, or an idea you have for a social impact program. And of course, to see if we are a good fit for each other. This is also a good way for you to let us know what your needs are, and how we may be able to help you or your business or idea grow. Plus, we also just really like coffee…


Phone: 313.818.1681


Address: 626 South Alexander Avenue
Royal Oak, MI, 48067